Make-up masterclass: Real brides share their best wedding day beauty tips

beauty tips from brides

We’ve polled brides galore and asked them what their top wedding day beauty tip were – and the results were quite surprising, but here are their top suggestions, shared in the hope of ensuring your wedding-day make-up is, well, flawless…

“I wish I’d run my wedding day look by my fiance first… “

It may sound kinda old-fashioned, but this was one of the most cited tips by the brides we spoke with. Though you definitely want some elements of your wedding-day look to be a surprise, you don’t want to look like a completely different person when you walk down the aisle towards your betrothed!

So, when planning your make-up, ensure that whatever look you go for is something that isn’t completely unfamiliar to the person standing opposite you at the top of the aisle! So, perhaps, show your fiance pictures of the looks you’re considering – or even the result of your make-up trail, so they can offer any input.

You don’t want their heart sinking – or them barely recognising you – during one of the most important moments of your relationship.

“I was so glad my

How you know you’ve found the perfect gown

Image: <a href=""> Eternal Bridal </a>

Your wedding gown is such an important part of your big day and, as any past bride will tell you, they may not have known exactly what type of wedding dress they wanted, but they certainly knew ‘The Dress’ when they tried it on. Here’s how…

You can imagine walking down the aisle

When you put on ‘The Dress’ and look in the mirror, you should be able to visualise yourself walking down the aisle towards your future spouse. If you can imagine your husband-to-be’s reaction, and almost hear the whispers of praise from your guests, you know this is the perfect choice for your own red carpet moment.

You want to wear it all the time

Realistically, we all know the dress has to be saved for the big day. But you should love it enough to want to wear it all the time, even down to the shops. And if you find yourself unzipping the garment bag now and again just to admire its beauty, even better.

You can’t imagine walking down the aisle in anything else

When you find that perfect wedding gown, the one with ultimate vow wow factor, the prospect

How to weather proof your wedding

how to weather proof your wedding

Couples spend untold time planning their wedding to ensure nothing goes wrong. However, the weather is one variable that just can’t be controlled or predicted, no matter how many forecasts you read.

To help ensure rain, clouds or a blazing sky don’t spoil your celebration, here are some ideas to use in creating a wet weather contingency plan.

If it’s hot and sticky

  • Think about your locations. If the wedding is outside, you’ll need to make sure there’s plenty of shade for your guests, whether it’s under trees or covered by a marquee.
  • Station plenty of jugs of cold water around your venues and encourage friends and relatives to indulge so they don’t get dehydrated.
  • Provide cans of deodorant in an amenities baskets in your restrooms so guests who overheat don’t have to smell of sweat.
  • Set guest and wedding-party seating where everyone can enjoy the best breezes. You could erect huge umbrellas for shade or even set up huge portable blowers to circulate cool air.
  • Instead of traditional favours, give everyone a paper fan or parasol to keep themselves cool.
  • Protect your food by making sure, for example, that dishes

Indoor vs. Outdoor Events: Things to Consider for Your Event

You and your friends start planning on having a big event. During times like this, people usually get stuck on deciding where to make it happen. The big question of whether to do it indoors or outdoors is usually brought up. Each choice has its own pros and cons. It is important that you fully understand what you are dealing with each type of venue so that you will not have any regrets later on.

  1. Weather

The weather should always be the very first thing you need to consider when planning an event. Outdoor events are more picturesque, especially if you have wonderful scenery in the background. However, they are in danger of being ruined by sudden changes in the weather such as heavy rain. Indoor events are preferable if you feel that the weather on the day of your event is quite unpredictable.

  1. Decorations

You have more freedom in indoor events when it comes to choosing the decorations. You only need to take note of the safety of the guests when it comes to fire hazards and regulations that are being implemented in your chosen venue. Logistics-wise venues for indoor events may not be thoroughly equipped with parking space which

Buying Party Supplies: How to Buy on a Budget

If you are planning a party, the first things you need are supplies. Parties don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, if you make the right choices, you could plan a fantastic party without going over the budget. Most people simply buy party supplies from the local departmental store. There’s very little room for negotiation, and you may not even get anything good. If you really want to save money when buying party supplies, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you out.

Buy from a Party Store

There are plenty of stores that exclusively sell party supplies. There are several benefits in buying directly from a party store. One of the biggest benefits of buying from a store that only sells party supplies is that you get bigger discounts. Stores that deal solely in selling party supplies often hold promotional campaigns and seasonal sales in order to increase their revenue. Party stores often manufacture their own supplies or buy from local vendors, which allow them to offer their products at a much lower price.

It can be difficult to find a local party store within your neighbourhood. If you can’t

What To Look For In A Professional Wedding Photographer From Singapore

A wedding is an event to publically recognize and celebrate the love between you and your long-time partner. It should be a day when the two of you are at the center of everyone else’s life. The wedding itself should create an atmosphere of welcome, harmony, and true gaiety. On the day itself, you will be too much in the moment to fully appreciate all that is happening around you. However, you should be able to look back on your wedding day with pride, joy, and an immense feeling of happiness. This can only be achieved by hiring a professional photographer. Only someone who is expert in shooting wedding photographs, like the professionals at, will be able to supply you with memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Finding the right wedding photographer is not something that can be done overnight. It takes diligence and patience to make the right selection. Speaking to your closest friends is one of the best ways to start this process. If you are able to find a wedding photographer based on a personal recommendation, then you should go for it.

This, however, is not

Pre-loved wedding dresses something old, something new

Whilst it’s true that purchasing a pre-loved wedding dress can save valuable dollars, for many brides it also means they can wear a dress that represents a prior era, or perhaps a snag a limited style or vintage couture frock.

However, despite the many benefits of purchasing a pre-worn wedding dress, it is important to ask the right questions before you make the decision to purchase a gown that has been worn before. Here are ten questions to ask about pre-loved wedding gowns before you buy:

What was the original price?

Knowing the original price of the gown will help you to decide if you are getting a good deal. Some brides will advertise this up front, whilst others might try to hide it if they want to get as much money back as possible. If you know who designed the dress you should be able to get a good idea of the original price, and if you suspect the seller isn’t being honest with you, ask to see the original receipt.

Has the dress been cleaned?

You might think that you would rather have the dress cleaned yourself to be sure it is done properly, but wedding gowns should be cleaned as soon after

How you know you’ve found the perfect gown

Your wedding gown is such an important part of your big day and, as any past bride will tell you, they may not have known exactly what type of wedding dress they wanted, but they certainly knew ‘The Dress’ when they tried it on. Here’s how…

You can imagine walking down the aisle

When you put on ‘The Dress’ and look in the mirror, you should be able to visualise yourself walking down the aisle towards your future spouse. If you can imagine your husband-to-be’s reaction, and almost hear the whispers of praise from your guests, you know this is the perfect choice for your own red carpet moment.

You want to wear it all the time

Realistically, we all know the dress has to be saved for the big day. But you should love it enough to want to wear it all the time, even down to the shops. And if you find yourself unzipping the garment bag now and again just to admire its beauty, even better.

Photo: L’Amour Bridal Boutique

You can’t imagine walking down the aisle in anything else

When you find that perfect wedding gown, the one with ultimate vow wow factor, the prospect of not having it will fill you with

Love locks explained

The tradition of placing love locks on public structures has grown in popularity over the past few decades. However, those unfamiliar with this practice may wonder what is so romantic about a steel padlock placed on a bridge?

But, it’s a surprisingly romantic gesture, albeit a potentially environmentally unfriendly one!

What are love locks?

A love lock is simply a padlock inscribed with a couple’s names or initials which they lock onto a public fixture such as a fence or bridge as a symbol of their love. It is traditional to throw the key to the padlock away to show that the love is unbreakable. A growing number of couples are choosing honeymoons where they can visit popular love lock drop off points.

Why do people use love locks?

The practice of using love locks is most popular in Europe although it has spread to other parts of the world as well. It first became popular in 2000, but the history of love locks goes back around 100 years. It first originated in a small Serbian village called Vrnjacka Banja. A local school teacher named Nada fell in love with a soldier and they pledged their love to one another. However, the

Destination paradise 10 things you’ll love about Fiji

One of the most romantic places on the planet, Fiji is located just a few short hours north-east of Australia. It is, quite literally, paradise on our doorstep, which makes it the perfect spot for a destination wedding or honeymoon.

Comprising 333 islands peppered throughout the heart of the tropical South Pacific, Fiji is as beautiful as it is romantic – and there’s so much to do.

Adventurous couples looking to make the most of their honeymoon or destination wedding can enjoy a range of adrenaline-inducing activities, from fast-paced white-water rafting and zip lining above rainforest treetops to partaking in some seriously high-octane jungle skirmishes. Yep, think paintball IN THE JUNGLE!

Of course, if you’d prefer a more low-key honeymoon offering lots of private and restful us-time, that’s what Fiji does best – naturally. After all, no matter which of the islands you visit, you’ll be surrounded by Fiji’s lush and verdant landscape, as well as its pristine ocean views.

1. Hideaway in untouched bliss

“Perhaps my favourite thing about Fiji is that it is chock full of hideaway spots, glistening beaches and lush rainforests,” says Fiji Airways‘ Shane Hussein. “And that’s even before I think about the stunning weather!”

Shane, who was born in Fiji and has lived

What is a wedding stylist and do I need one?

For couples who dream of having a beautifully adorned and visually impressive wedding, but are time poor – or don’t quite have the creative knack, wedding stylists provide the perfect solution. But what are they – and what do they do?

The role of a wedding stylist may seem a little ambiguous, however, what they do is simply defined: a wedding stylist is a person who will turn your creative vision for your big day into a reality. They handle all the aesthetic components, such as choosing the decorations and flowers but also handle everything from dressing the venue to dressing the bridal party. 

Is a wedding stylist the same thing as a wedding planner?

No. While it’s true that there may be some crossover between tasks that a wedding stylist performs and those that a wedding planner would do, they are actually fundamentally different roles. A wedding planner is typically in charge of the overall organization of a wedding; from the arrival of the cake to ferrying of the guests from hither to yon, and everything in-between.

Not unlike a professional stylist to the stars, a wedding stylist has a focused scope; he or she is responsible for the aesthetics of a

White themed weddings

As if to offset the growing trend for bright, bold wedding colour schemes, pure white weddings are big news this season. White is a great wedding theme at any time of year, and can create a fresh and classic overall look.

Here are some great ideas for a white themed wedding:

White outfits for the bridal party

Although tradition says that brides should marry in white, most actually wear a shade of ivory or cream on their wedding day. A pure white dress can be very striking, especially when accessorised with silver or black, but be careful if you want to wear pure white as it can be a little stark against some complexions. If your skin has cool undertones, meaning you generally look better in silver than gold, and you look great in colours like blue purple and hot pink, you should be able to pull off a pure white dress.

There are a number of ways your groom can dress in white. He could go the whole hog and hire a white morning suit, or wear a white tuxedo for ultimate sophistication. If you are looking for a more subtle outfit, a grey morning suit with white accessories and a

Wedding food ideas

Every bride wants their reception to be unique and memorable, but coming up with original wedding food ideas can be tricky. Don’t forget that wedding reception food doesn’t have to follow the usual format of a sit down dinner, and your guests might have more fun if you do something unusual. Here are five wedding food ideas for a truly unique reception:

Festival style catering

Festival style weddings are big news this year, with outdoor live music and camping facilities on site. Festival style catering is a big part of this trend so if you are having an outdoor summer wedding consider hiring a variety of catering vans to serve steak sandwiches, falafels, gourmet burgers, and baked potatoes. If there is a particular local delicacy in the area you are getting married, see if you can hire a catering van serving that. An ice cream van is a perfect addition for guests with a sweet tooth.

Sociable food

If you are planning to have a sit down meal for your wedding reception food, try to get the guests at each table interacting by serving food in the centre of the tables. Sweet and savoury fondues work well, as do tapas and a

Wedding cocktail food

Perhaps you have decided against a traditional sit down dinner and would prefer the more relaxed feel of cocktail reception – or maybe you’re seeking some extra special nibbles for the cocktail hour. Whatever the case, these seven tips will make your canapes and cocktail food stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple

When you start looking at cocktail food menus you will find a variety of foods you may never eat in any other situation. Sea food tends to feature highly along with exotic sauces or spices. Don’t forget your cocktail food can be simple items that you know all your guests will enjoy. Freshly cooked French fries are a perfect example of simple wedding cocktail food. Serve them in shot glasses with a small amount of sauce in the base, or in miniature newspaper cones resting in ice cream cone holders.

Avoid messy foods

Your guests will undoubtedly have spent some time and money getting dressed for your wedding, so you don’t want them to be covered in spaghetti sauce half way through the cocktail hour. Find foods that are easy to pick up and eat with the fingers, and try to stick to bite sized morsels to save

Go-to glossary for wedding cakes

The language of wedding cakes can seem like a very strange beast indeed. Fondant, sugar flowers, ganache, petal dust … they’re all terms you’re going to come across in choosing your perfect cake. But what exactly do they mean?

Don’t stress if you don’t know, as that’s where this glossary comes in – with a crash course in common terms that will guide you through the process of ombre, over the top and more. Let the sweetness begin…


Dragees may sound like something that’s vaguely Scottish, but they’re not. Far from it in fact. They’re actually the little sugar balls used to decorate cakes. They commonly come in silver or gold but, as with anything modern weddings, bespoke creations can cover the full gamut of hues and of tastes.


Just like the name suggests, buttercream is a delicious blend of butter, sugar and eggs, which can be used as a delicious filling or as a rich type of icing. One of the drawbacks of using buttercream is that it does not withstand heat particularly well. That means you need to consider your venue before placing your order. Otherwise, you could end up with a melted wedding cake guaranteed to melt your good

Vintage wedding cars

Wedding car hire might be the responsibility of the groom, but you’ll still want to have your say about the style of car you choose to arrive at the ceremony. Although ultra modern Bentleys and stretch limos are becoming more popular, there are still plenty of couples looking for a classic or vintage wedding cars for their wedding transport.

If you are trying to decide whether vintage wedding car hire is the right choice for you, these three advantages will give you a head start.

They are full of character

Most couples that choose a vintage wedding car do so because of the way it looks. Vintage cars are effortlessly stylish and full of character, and they will look fantastic in your wedding photos. Their design is generally more complex and intricate than a modern car, and there are more possibilities for decorating a vintage car. If you are having a classic or vintage themed wedding, an older style car is a must to complement your theme.

They have historic significance

A vintage car captures the essence of days gone by, and represents a piece of history and culture. Some couples choose a particular vintage car because their father or grandfather used to

The difference between a bridesmaid and a maid of honour – and how to pick them

Choosing your bridal party can be equal parts fun and stressful. You want to be surrounded by your best gals, but there’s lots of other things that come into play – from existing expectations among friends and family to the strength of different relationships.

So who – and how – do you choose to fill these VIP spots? Is it the longtime friend from school, or the one you see every day? Someone for whom you were a bridesmaid or a favourite cousin who lives in the next town. Do you have 10 bridesmaids or just go for three?

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider. And that’s before you get around to assigning the most important role of them all – that of the maid of honour. To help you understand the difference, and pick the right person for each role, we’ve compiled this handy guide, but remember, the first person to come to mind for each role may not be the best person to carry out each role, so choose carefully!

What does a bridesmaid do?

As the name suggests, a bridesmaid is a member of the bridal party. They tend to be a sister, cousin or close friend,

When to order your bombonieres

Your bombonieres are often an element of your wedding that gets overlooked until the last minute, but as a special present from you to your guests to say thank you for sharing in your special day, your bombonieres deserve some careful consideration. Your wedding bombonieres may also be an integral part of your table design, so you will want to be sure that they look just right and complement your wedding theme.

The following timeline should help to ensure you receive your ideal bombonieres on time:

6 months before the wedding

Start to look for bombonieres within your budget that suit your wedding theme. Most suppliers will be happy to send you bomboniere samples, so order a few different types to see which you and your fiance prefer. If you are looking for edible bombonieres make sure they taste as good as they look.

2-3 months before the wedding

Make a final choice of bomboniere and place your order. Always order a few extras as you may want to send them to guests that can’t attend the wedding, and you are sure to want some for yourself as keepsakes. Decide whether you want the bombonieres delivered directly to your venue the day before

Top ten spray tan tips

Nothing highlights a pale complexion like a white or ivory gown so many brides choose to have a spray tan as part of their beauty preparations, to give them a healthy looking glow. Here are ten top spray tan tips on achieving and keeping that tan:

Have a trial run to make sure you are happy with the colour before the wedding. Do bear in mind that the overall effect depends on the state of your skin which can be altered by your menstrual cycle, your diet, stress, and any mediation you are taking.

Prepare your skin by exfoliating with a product specially designed for the tanning industry that won’t interfere with the spray tan solution. This removes the top layer of dead skin cells and will make your tan last longer.

Shave or wax before you have your spray tan. If you do it afterwards you will take off some of the tan. If you are using a tanning solution with bronzer try to shave at least a day before you have the tan as the bronzer can get into pores on newly shaven skin and create a spotty effect.

Avoid wearing perfume for a few days before you get your

Nailed it: spectacular manicures for your big day

The perfect wedding manicure creates an ideal backdrop to show off a finger that starts the day with one ring and finishes with two. French manicures are an ever-popular option, but they’re not a must. In fact the only limit to what you can do is imagination. Here are some impressive manicures to give you some ideas.

Glass glamour

A glossy glass like sheen will no doubt add a unique texture and shine to your bridal look.

Navy and gold

This look would be great for bridesmaids wearing a navy gown. Accessorize with some gold jewellery and a gorgeous manicure!

Crystal couture

Adding Swarovski crystals to your nails can enhance your bling factor for your big day.

Pretty in pink

A matte dusty pink is a soft and feminine approach, and can be made a little more dramatic when applied to long acrylic nails.

Full bloom

This metallic floral pattern set against a matte black is a truly unique look and would look great with colourful bridesmaids dresses.

Groovy black and white

Classic black and white never dates and suits a retro style wedding. The best part is this groovy look will work well with any other colours.

Magnificent marble

Marble textures are all the rage at the moment so it’s little

Wedding night accommodation

Traditionally it is the groom’s responsibility to arrange the wedding night accommodation, but it’s always a good idea to make some suggestions and be clear about the type of wedding night you are anticipating. This will help to avoid confusion or disappointment on one of the most special nights of your lives.

These top tips will help you to decide on the right wedding night accommodation for you:

Talk to your fiance about whether you want to party all night with your guests, and then meet them again for breakfast, or whether you want the wedding night and the next morning to be private time for just the two of you. If you agree on the first you should book wedding night accommodation in the same hotel as your guests, otherwise you might want to look for a hotel further away.

Try not to book wedding night accommodation too far from your venue. After a busy day and a decent amount of champagne you will probably be asleep before you reach the hotel if you have a long drive to get there. If you are flying off on honeymoon early the next morning you might consider staying at an airport hotel

10 bridal accessory dos and don’ts

When it comes to your big day, even the smallest of details matter. Accessories can make or break your overall wedding look but, when chosen well, they can take your wedding styling to a whole other level.

Here are 10 things to do – or avoid – when choosing your wedding accessories.


Tie everything into your style

– Be sure that all your accessories, be it your headband or your garter, reflect a little bit of you and your personality. It’s YOUR big day and, at the very least, your outfit and accessories should show the world who you are, not what someone else wants you to be or what other people think a bride should look like. If, for example, you’re a modern girl who likes something a little bit offbeat, standard pearl earrings and a diamante tiara probably aren’t your thing. Conversely, if you’re a traditional girl, don’t be afraid to choose the most princessy of tiaras or most traditional of updos. Your accessories are there to accessorise YOU!

Use colour to enhance your overall look

–  White may be the traditional wedding colour and there’s nothing wrong with tradition, but you’d be amazed at how much personality even the smallest